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Privacy policy

Prior to registering, we would like to make clear the rules that we will use in recruiting participants for sessions
  • In order to participate in an experiment, you need (i) to receive an invitation by email and (ii) to accept the invitation by enrolling in the experiment.
  • Enroll only if you are certain that you can come and on time and stay for the whole session.
  • Every enrolled participant who meets her appointment will at least receive a show up payment.
  • Participants will be paid in cash at the conclusion of the experiment session. The payment amount will depend on your decisions and the decisions of the other participants during the experiment.

We would very much like you to come and participate. Many students find the experiments to be both interesting and profitable. However, we need you to understand and agree with the following:

Experiments are group projects. Your failure to turn up on time for an experiment in which you have been enrolled may cause cancellation of the session for the entire group. For this reason, if you find that you will not be able to attend an experiment, for which you have registered, you will notify the experimenter at least 24 hours prior to the session.

Privacy policy
The following rules apply to all information provided by you to the "Recruitment System":

No personal information will ever be released by the administrator to anyone other that the researcher conducting the session in which you are enrolled.

Researcher's conducting sessions will never attach personal information provided to the "Recruitment System" to the decisions made in a session. All decisions are anonymous.

The administrator of the "Recruitment System" will never release personal information to anyone other than the researcher conducting the session for which you are enrolled.

You may edit your information and/or remove yourself from the database of active participants at any time.

You may edit your information and/or remove yourself from the database of active participants at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Douglas Davis at (804) 828-7140

Do you agree with the rules and the privacy policy?

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